Top Task/Project Management Software You Want to Know About.

Project management software can be one of the most valuable internal tools a company has and finding the right one can transform how you do business.
Project management software is used for project planning, scheduling, collaborating, team assignments and following the progress of it all. Below are several of the most highly rated task management software options available on the market now. Some are geared more towards collaboration and design, others are geared toward finance and manager-employee accountability. Chances are one of them is right for you and your business.


 “Infinitely flexible. Incredibly easy to use. Great mobile apps. It’s free. Trello keeps track of everything, from the big picture to the minute details.”




– Visually simple and clear to understand. Trello provides visual representation of where a project is in development.

– Trello is extremely mobile friendly and works on any screen size. It looks as if it was designed to be an app not a website.

– Notifications system includes upcoming due dates, changes, and communication with users. Notifications work on desktop, email, push notifications and everything else.

– No limit on users and projects.

– Use up to 10MB of storage on their free version.

– Upgrade to Trello-Gold for only $5 a month, or $45 a year and you jump to 250MB of storage.


– There is no calendar.

– Trello does not have Gantt charts.

– No time-tracking features or billing.



 “BamBam! Allows people of different roles and work styles to collaborate better.”




– Free for up to 10 users! Perfect for small businesses.

– BamBam does not limit the number of projects you can complete on the free version or how much disk space you can use.

-Time tracking capabilities.

– Extremely secure. Top of the line encryption performance. “BamBam! has never recorded a single case of data loss since the suite launched in 2006.”

– You can invite clients/outside users to view progress on projects.


– It gets pricey if you need more than 10 users… $70 a month to add more users.



“Asana is the easiest way for teams to track their work—and get results.”

Asana was designed by the co-founder of Facebook, Dustin Moskovitz and similarly to Facebook Asana is designed with simplicity and the ability for real-time interaction just like most popular social media network.




– Asana has list management features.

– The ability for a single task or item to have a relation to multiple projects and tags.

– Email integration

– Free for small business (up to 15 users)


– Only has the ability to assign a task to one user.

– Known not to be ideal for graphics centered projects/business.

– Does not allow for offline use.



“Secure Workspaces for File Sharing, Project Management & Collaboration for teams in the Cloud.”



– Organized file management

– Huddle provides tutorials and videos for help navigating their software.

– You can integrate phone conferencing and webinars.


– Huddle is not free. Packages start at $20 per user/per month.

– There are no chat features for collaboration.


“Group Efforts Made Effortless”



– Free!

– Supports unlimited users.

– Unlimited projects.

– Well designed & laid out.

– Built for communication.

–  200MB of storage

– Made for small- medium sized businesses.

– Built in social network for team collaboration.


– No Gantt charts.

– Lacks a clear product backlog.

– Difficult to customize it to your business and therefor it becomes difficult for it to scale with you as your company grows.



“Basecamp keeps people on the same page. No matter what your role is, everyone works toward a common goal: finishing a project together.”


– Flexible with plug-in services.

– Basecamp does well with visual assets.

– They provide many different plan options for any size company.


– No free option, just a 30-day trial.

– Certain third-party apps will require additional services to connect.

– Difficult to track issues and tickets.