SSL certificates, what they are and why your website might benefit.

Do you know what a SSL Certificate is?SSL-Certificate-Blog

SSL is an acronym for the words “secure socket layer”, which is a protocol that was designed to provide secure communication on the internet in one of two ways.

1. Encryption- this means hackers cannot see what a browser is sending and receiving from a web server.

2. Authenticating your website- meaning the SSL certificate is proof that the website is what it claims to be.

What is SSL Used For?

SSL protects sensitive data such as bank account numbers, login credentials, and credit card information that is transmitted from browsers to web servers. Normally browsers and web servers communicate using plain text. SSL encrypts the communication, which doesn’t allow a hacker to see the data being sent.Capture

Why Should You Use SSL?

The internet is a powerful tool. While it is used by almost everyone everyday safely, there are still serious risks. Below are a few reasons and benefits for having an SSL certification for your website.

  • If your site deals at all with e-commerce you absolutely need SSL certification.
  • If your website requires any type of login.
  • If you want to boost the public’s confidence with your site.
  • SSL boosts SEO (search engine optimization) on Google.

If you are unsure if your site should be protected by an SSL certificate, or if your site is not protected by an SSL certificate and you would like it to be; contact TNTMAX and an IT consultant will gladly take care of any needs you have!