Not Having an IT Team Should Scare You!

5 reasons why having an external IT company is critical for your company!

  1. You do not have to manage your own computer network infrastructure, Wi-Fi surveillance, etc..

Proactive maintenance allows your office to be prepared for and prevent system issues, security breaches and other similar concerns. It will also allow for the planning of system upgrades before their support and system lifetime expire. All of our clients’ critical IT infrastructures and applications are managed by TNTMAX consultants.

  1. You can rely on expertise and always have updated current software and technology running your business.

Working with an IT consulting team takes the guesswork out of your business. You will have expert knowledge readily available for any questions you have about your network, technology, or 3rd party communications.

  1. You can actually save money by using an outside IT consulting firm over having an in-house “IT guy”Not Having an IT Team Should Scare You!

By proactively managing your computer networks you can avoid high costs of fixing or updating something that breaks. We proactively manage your networks and upgrade your software keeping everything running smoothly so you can focus on your business.

  1. You are not alone in a time of crisis.

Even under the most protected data storage and online security it is possible for something to go wrong and data to be stolen or corrupted. Outsourcing IT consulting will provide the option for off-site backup that is taken care of by us to guarantee data and website backup in case of emergency.

  1. Transitions run like clockwork.

Working with an in-house IT department leaves you in a scramble when an employee change-over occurs; it can leave you wondering if the new staff knows everything they need to transition smoothly.  Working with an outside IT consulting firm is constant; there are no hiccups or bumps in the road, and no training on your part or wondering if the new guy is at level you need him to be at.


Now is the time to let us take care of your IT needs so you can focus on your business.