Microsoft Outlook Crash Fix

On Wednesday, November 11th, Microsoft released two updates in Windows Updates that caused Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2013, and 2016 to crash consistently.  If your computer installs updates automatically, then these updates have been installed and your Outlook will continue to crash until they are uninstalled.  The two updates that are affecting Outlook are KB3101746 and KB3097877.  KB3097877 is designed to resolve vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows.  It corrects how Windows handles fonts and keeps Windows from allowing embedded fonts in web pages or documents from running remotely executed malicious code.  This causes Outlook to have issues with embedded web fonts and images in emails which causes the program to crash while trying to automatically or manually download the html and images.  Both of these are security updates that are part of a list of critical updates in the Windows Update section of the computer. If your Outlook is crashing, perform the following steps to uninstall the updates that is causing the program to crash:


How To fix:

  1. Open the start menu and type Run into the search box, open Run.

  2. Type: wusa/uninstall/kb:3097877/quiet/norestart

  3. Press enter

  4. Open Run again.

  5. Type this command: wusa/uninstall/kb:3101746/quiet/norestart

  6. Press enter

  7. Wait 5 minutes

  8. Reboot your computer

If this does not resolve your issue or you do not feel comfortable performing the above task, please contact TNTMAX.  Microsoft has also re-released the patch for Windows 7 and it is now safe to download after removal of the old installation of the update.