4 Reasons for Redesign.

web designA website is one of the strongest marketing tools a company has.  As technology advances and the population of potential perspectives can have your website in the palm of their hand within seconds, it is imperative to have the best representation of your company expressed on the internet. Here are 4 reasons redesigning your website is important.

  1. It appears out of date.

    Trends come and go when it comes to web design just as they do with anything else. It is important to keep your website looking fresh and modern. This shows potential customers and clients that you are doing your research and are up to date with current progressions in the market. The home page of your website is your company’s first impression online, make sure its a catchy one. This does not mean you have to redesign your website once a year to try and “fit in”, but it does mean if you haven’t touched the design of your website in more than 2 or 3 years, you should probably get a plan together to revamp and redesign.

  2. It functions out of date.

    Technology is constantly changing, updating and transforming. When it comes to your website there are countless capabilities you can add to it to make it more interactive and user-friendly. Maybe you want to add e-commerce to your site, or maybe a blog or social media links as well as other features and tools that are out there. Creating different functionalities might add a lot to your redesign but, in the end, may be one of the most profitable changes for your company.

  3. It is not mobile friendly.

    This is a big one. See our blog for a more in-depth look regarding the importance of a site’s responsiveness. Basically, it is such a big deal that Google decided to start moving sites that are not responsive further down in search results as punishment. More than 50% of searches take place on a mobile device or tablet. Having a site that does not translate to these platforms is extremely detrimental to the site.

  4. It is no longer accurate.

    Just like technology, businesses change and grow. Eventually, your website content may not be an accurate representation of your company. You want to make sure that the goals and dreams of your business are expressed on your website in such a way that the people visiting your site are getting a thorough and accurate understanding of your business.